Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival

Sharjah International Children's Film Festival- A Transformation of a Convention Centre to a City Of Imagination. Films offer us a window to a wider world; they give us an escape from reality and enter worlds where we’ve never been. Movies help us identify, they broaden our perspective & make us feel included. Mosaic Live wanted to ensure that the Sharjah International Children's Film Festival that took

Commercial Bank Of Dubai (CBD) NOW Launch Event

Commercial Bank Of Dubai (CBD) NOW Launch Event   The launch of the digital services campaign of Commercial Bank of Dubai called CBD NOW, which witnessed a never seen before launch moment and used unique technology oriented entertainment and concepts such as LED wristbands which lit up on the launch moment to a violinist performing onstage while customised content was projected onto her dress, which

KEF InfraPark Launch

Ceiling Projection Mapping- KEF INFRA Park Launch It wasn't just another month, or just another day in office when the Gong rang and there my colleague announced we are doing the KEF Infra Park Launch in Krishnagiri, some of us really excited, while few extremely nervous as the given timeline to execute such a massive event was quite short. As a team, there were

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