Awareness for Esophageal Reflux Campaign by The Ministry of Health

Have you ever felt like your chest is burning up right after you eat? If you do, you may have a case of heartburn. Do you know how to prevent it and exactly what causes it? Statistics show that one in three people in the UAE have experienced a kind of heartburn.

The Ministry of Health in the UAE were alarmed by these statistics and teamed up with Mosaic Live to create awareness on heartburn (scientifically known as (GERD) Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). These events were held in conjunction with Emirates Digestive Diseases Group and the World Digestive Health Day, whose slogan this year is “Heartburn: A Global Perspective”.

MCC 64
Mirdiff City Center
MCC 63
Sharjah City Center

MOH commissioned Mosaic Live to create and build campaign stands in two different malls – Sharjah Mega Mall and Mirdiff City Center. Mosaic Live was responsible for the entire turn-key production from stand design to customized build-up.  Completion was within a span of just two days.

MCC 59
Dr. Fatma giving a talk to the children about GERD

The stands were strategically placed in both the malls to ensure maximum visibility from the mall goers. To make the stands engaging and intermingling, Mosaic Live designed and fabricated the hardware, created the content and software for the Heartburn Interactive Touch Screens that had series of questions determining the person’s possibility of having Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. The GERD Interactive Touch Screens undeniably helped spread awareness on heartburn and educate the people on how to avoid it. Our team saw this as an opportunity not only to be working with such a prestigious organization but to also help create awareness among the community about an underlying cause for daily discomfort for the majority of the population.

MCC 31
Dr. Ali giving a talk about GERD
MCC 24
A little lady with our interactive touchscreen game

We were also very glad to have been greeted with such bubbling enthusiasm from the mall goers who were very eager to learn about the campaign. The children and adults enjoyed the quizzes and prizes that they won when they participated in the stands’ touchscreen games about GERD. There were talks and speeches from various Doctors in their respected fields as well. It was altogether a very interactive experience that was fun and educational at the same time.

Etisalat Disney On Ice Karaoke

Do you love a challenge? We at Mosaic Live definitely do! We love doing things that no one’s done before. We love breaking limitations and going the extra mile with how we create Live Experiences.
Etisalat, the leaders in Telecommunication in the MENA region, and one of our main clients, wanted something in their Head Quarters that you would probably have at home: a karaoke machine! This was not your everyday Celine-Dion-Michael-Jackson-marathon karaoke machine though. This was a highly customized, first of its kind, Disney-themed karaoke ticket vending machine that would give out Disney On Ice show tickets to the winners. They did this to create awareness among their employees for the Disney on Ice “Etisalat private show” and in such a way that was similar to the show theme which was music, magic and lots of fun!
Mosaic Live built, designed and created the hardware, and software of the machine that would verify the Etisalat Employee ID for them to begin the challenge. Furthermore, the software would rate the participants’ vocals and accuracy based on one of the original Disney songs they selected. We programmed the karaoke machine to have six different Disney classics. From the old-school Disney hits such as Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”  and Mulan’s “Reflection”  to more recent Disney virals such as Frozen’s “Let It Go”. The machine would then dispense tickets depending on how well the participant scored. The higher the score, the more tickets won!
Etisalat called this the “Etisalat karaoke challenge”, and what a turn out it was! Over a thousand Etisalat employees from both Head Quarters, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, participated in the challenge. It turned their offices from a quiet, organized, formal office to a fun-filled, mellifluous environment that attracted a large number of participants every hour! Colleagues gathered and enjoyed seeing each other do something in the office which was completely out of the norm, and the challenge created a new kind of felicity within the organization.
The karaoke challenge transcended nationalities and age groups, and regardless of their stature or department, they all participated in hopes to win tickets to Disney on Ice. Etisalat gave out over 500 show tickets in a span of 6 days across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
This project was definitely something Mosaic Live had never done before, but is definitely something we look forward to doing again!


Request for Solutions – The Boux Avenue Case

We at Mosaic love RFP’s i.e. Requests For Proposals. From the point of it hitting our inbox there is a constant intrigue. What we love more although is an RFS i.e. a Request for Solution. Clients give us situations and ask us for solutions, the brain-storming meeting that follows is like a simulated game.

One such RFS was for Al Ghurair, a leading retail group from the region. The brief was fairly simple. Al Ghurair had acquired the license to sell a UK based lingerie brand in Dubai and wanted to launch the same for key partners and the media. The catch was, the event had to be designed to entertain males and females, had to showcase the range and yet had to be culturally sensitive.

Our creative team, or as we call them experience designers had a solution. We divided the event venue into 2 halves with an automated pull up screen. On one side was a fashion show set up and on the other was a lounge.  The women were seated and watched a fashion show, as the men watched a choreographed shadow show. The pull up screen was a shield of conservation and a canvas for creative imagination. As the fashion show came to an end, the screen rolled up to reveal the models in bathrobes.

The brand manager walked to the side as the men stood watching shadows. She said the shadows were as entertaining as the fashion show. While solutions can range from using the latest event technology or creating unique entertainment acts, sometimes it is just a simple white screen.