Request for Solutions – The Boux Avenue Case

We at Mosaic love RFP’s i.e. Requests For Proposals. From the point of it hitting our inbox there is a constant intrigue. What we love more although is an RFS i.e. a Request for Solution. Clients give us situations and ask us for solutions, the brain-storming meeting that follows is like a simulated game.

One such RFS was for Al Ghurair, a leading retail group from the region. The brief was fairly simple. Al Ghurair had acquired the license to sell a UK based lingerie brand in Dubai and wanted to launch the same for key partners and the media. The catch was, the event had to be designed to entertain males and females, had to showcase the range and yet had to be culturally sensitive.

Our creative team, or as we call them experience designers had a solution. We divided the event venue into 2 halves with an automated pull up screen. On one side was a fashion show set up and on the other was a lounge.  The women were seated and watched a fashion show, as the men watched a choreographed shadow show. The pull up screen was a shield of conservation and a canvas for creative imagination. As the fashion show came to an end, the screen rolled up to reveal the models in bathrobes.

The brand manager walked to the side as the men stood watching shadows. She said the shadows were as entertaining as the fashion show. While solutions can range from using the latest event technology or creating unique entertainment acts, sometimes it is just a simple white screen.