Ceiling Projection Mapping- KEF INFRA Park Launch

It wasn’t just another month, or just another day in office when the Gong rang and there my colleague announced we are doing the KEF Infra Park Launch in Krishnagiri, some of us really excited, while few extremely nervous as the given timeline to execute such a massive event was quite short. As a team, there were various obstacles on the way, the main one being the

location of the event, holding an event in a village 90kms away from Bangalore was not going to be an easy task, but however we were well prepared and well planned for the next big 5 days of set up that were ahead of us. Dealing with

suppliers in India requires a whole different type of skill and patience level altogether, this was something we learnt once we arrived at Krishnagiri, extremely apprehensive as to how will a barren land transform into something that we had designed sitting in the comfort of our office in Dubai, was definitely a question we all kept asking ourselves.

Projectors from Delhi, Tents from Kerala, Sound and light team from Dubai, Photographer and videographer from Mumbai, bringing together everyone, coordinating each and every element was a task in

itself, with multiple cultural differences and differences in opinion we were well prepared to face the worst. But to our surprise, the extreme opposite happened, everyone so perfectly and seamlessly got together and helped us create an absolutely unique experience. The transformation was unbelievable, watching bits and bits of transformation take place each day was outstanding.

The big day was here! 19th December 2016, that morning while we were driving to the venue, with little sleep, loads of nervousness and excitement levels at its extreme, hoping and praying for an unforgettable show wherein all our hard work would actually pay off. We still remember that moment when the intro AV played with ceiling projections, LED screens on the stage, it felt magical, it felt unreal, at that moment watching it all come together just felt so pleasing to the eye. The happiness in our eyes post the event when everyone clapped and walked with big smiles and super proud emotions raging in is an unexplainable feeling. How we did we manage to put up 4 tents, with extensive branding in and around the tent as well the factory, coordinated various elements to put up a good show still amazes us, but this is the beauty of this industry, wherein every event is a new learning experience altogether, but  this event will definitely be the one, that we shall always remember and cherish for a very long time ahead.